We are highly successful in IVF treatment. This method has helped many infertile couples to fulfil their longing to become parents.


IN VITRO FERTILISATION (IVF) includes a set of treatment procedures where the female germ cells (eggs) are fertilized by the partner's or a donor's sperm outside the woman’s body - extracorporeal fertilisation. This treatment is one of the basic artificial fertilisation methods.

Principle of and basic information about the IVF treatment programme

The IVF process starts with hormonal stimulation of the woman, which is necessary to obtain a larger quantity of eggs than in the periodical ovulation cycle. The doctor monitors the course of stimulation by ultrasound. Genoblasts are taken by follicle puncture under general anaesthesia with an ultrasound check. The partner's sperm is taken on the same day as the eggs are taken. The eggs obtained are subsequently fertilized by the sperm and the embryos created are then preserved (cultivated) outside the woman’s body. After several days of cultivation, the best embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus - Embryo Transfer. The remaining quality embryos can be frozen and preserved for further treatment.


Besides working with cutting-edge technology we are striving to find the main cause of infertility from the very beginning and to design optimal treatment. Most couples with infertility issue can benefit from a very simple treatment method. We always start from the simplest treatment, through minimal IVF stimulation, to standard IVF treatment protocols.


In the first IVF cycle, 40 - 50 % of women achieve pregnancy, depending on their age. The woman’s age is a key factor when making a decision on whether to transfer one or two embryos.

Please note that in the case of women over 40 years of age, the success rate of this method decreases; however, success is not impossible.

Our clinic is one of the biggest clinics of the kind in the Czech Republic, being ranked at the top since 2011. We are very proud of the fact that even with a high number of treated patients, we also achieve one of the most successful treatment rates.

We do believe that you will be satisfied with our care and our approach.

MUDr. Marek Koudelka 
Clinic Director


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