REPROFIT manages to help most couples visiting us to the parenthood that they so much desire. We use modern methods including treatment by donated oocytes.

Fertility Preservation Program

This program brings the chance to have your own child in the future, assuming the probability of deterioration or absence of reproductive cells.

Vitrificatin of eggs for female fertility preservation is recommended not only in the case when a woman postpones pregnancy for later, when her fertility may be reduced, but also for the potential loss of fertility due to cancer treatment or for example in the case of unexpected absence of partner's sperm within a treatment cycle (IVF). 

Cryopreservation of sperm for future use allows preservation of male fertility mainly due to reduction in sperm quality and the possible failure of sperm production in general. 

During the ongoing treatment of infertility, several embryos are created, but only 1-2 top quality embryos will be selected by the physician for embryo transfer. The remaining embryos can also be frozen and maintained for future treatment.

REPROFIT International Cryobank

The modern cryobank of the REPROFIT International clinic operates on a simple principle. At the moment of the first freezing, each client is given an "account" in which they can store an arbitrary number of spermatocytes, eggs or embryos.

For each type of reproductive cell, the client has his or her own account, and the fee for retention is collected independently for each cell type - i.e. separately for sperm, eggs and embryos. While the cells are stored in our cryobank, the client pays a fee according to the valid price list. The client can decide to terminate preservation of specimens at any time.

All of our clients are regularly informed about the current status of their specimens in our cryobank, always three months before their expiry date.


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