COVID-19 and infertility treatment

At our clinic, you're safe! 

Our clinics are in full operation. Under the recommendations of the international professional societies ASRM and ESHRE, we perform all treatment types and successfully treat patients in strict compliance with hygienic and organizational measures. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all our staff have been wearing facemasks and currently are being vaccinated against Covid-19. 

In compliance with international professional societies in the EU and USA, we recommend not postpone the treatment.


How do I get to you? Is treatment possible to undergo, and where will I stay? Are treatment and stay safe? What if my flight gets cancelled / I am forbidden to travel, and I will not be able to arrive for the treatment date? Click here for answers to all these questions.

We cooperate with institutions throughout Europe.

We enable our patients to undergo ongoing check-ups near their home, thus ensuring comfort and simplifying treatment. We want nothing more than make your family complete. Do not hesitate to contact your coordinator for more information:        

  • Due to the lockdown and latest restrictions about travelling and PCR testing valid from the 1st of March, we want to offer our patients a test for 40 EUR. 
  • As for the DIVF treatment, we have made it accessible even during the lockdown! At the moment, there is a possibility of sperm freezing for a special price at our partner´s clinic in London – City Fertility, and the following shipment to REPROFIT for 200 EUR so that the donor eggs can be fertilized as planned and the couple could arrive for the cryo-embryo transfer later. 

To provide you with the highest quality and safe health care, we follow the recommendations of ESHRE, ASRM and SAR ČGPS professional society.

Your safety is our number one priority, which is why we have put in place important hygiene and organizational measures:  

  • We prefer virtual consultations. 
  • We schedule appointments for our patients at a sufficient time difference to minimize the number of people in the waiting room. For this reason, we also kindly ask you to temporarily undergo your ultrasound and other examinations without your partner's presence.      
  • Upon arrival at the clinic, we ask all patients to put on a face mask and disinfect their hands (disinfection stands/dispensers are located at all receptions). It is not possible to treat patients with symptoms of respiratory disease and patients in the ordered quarantine.      
  • If you feel unwell, please do not attend the doctor's office, but contact us by phone! We will offer you an online consultation, and together we will find a solution to the next step.

We are known in 90 countries of the world.

REPROFIT is one of the top European clinics of reproduction medicine. We always emphasize the quality of care and your comfort. Our best reward are messages from satisfied parents from all over the world.

We speak 8 languages. We will take you through the whole therapeutic cycle. We will settle the necessary administrative aspects with you. We will recommend you accommodation if you wish so. We will always be close to you and helpful.