We are highly successful in the treatment with donated oocytes thanks to our long experience. We have a large inhouse database of donors and a cryo bank.

Who are our donors and how we examine them

Voluntary donors are young women under 32 years of age. Our clinic uses only eggs from young healthy donors and never uses surplus eggs from our patients. To enter the donation programme the donor must meet very strict criteria defined by the European directives.

At the time of donation, all donors are tested in compliance with European tissue legislation and the recommendations of professional associations (ESHRE, Czech Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics SLG ČLS JEP). Besides gynaecological and ultrasound examinations, the donor must also pass sexually transmitted disease tests (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis) and an addictive drugs test. 

The donors also undergo a consultation with a clinical geneticist and a genetic examination under the currently valid recommendations of the Czech Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics SLG ČLS JEP. We have started to use a carrier test for the genetic examination. Thanks to this test, we can reduce the risk of transmission of genetic diseases to the child. We use the carrier test with all newly registered donors to exclude serious genetic mutations, e.g. cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, deafness and others. The carrier test also allows us to use the extensive possibilities of this screening when examining the genetic burden of a particular infertile couple. Additionally, we can continuously expand the spectrum of genetic examinations of donors as knowledge advances within the field. 

Most of our donors are students or mothers on maternity leave. None of them is treated at our clinic with infertility issue, and oocyte donation is their voluntary decision. According to Czech law, oocyte donation is completely anonymous. It is strictly forbidden to facilitate any meetings between the donor and the recipient.

The physician selects the donors well

In advance to achieve the best possible matching with the recipient’s requirements. The absolute majority of our male and female donors are citizens of the Czech Republic. 

Thanks to our extended database of donors, we can choose a donor who corresponds to the genetic and physical characteristics of the patient. Selection of the donor is carried out based on your requests and specifications. In choosing the donor, we try to find someone whose blood group corresponds to the blood group of one person from the couple. Nevertheless, a different blood group does not affect the success of your treatment. When choosing the donor, we also take into account other characteristics, such as weight, height, hair and eye colour and level of completed education.

Because Reprofit is the most popular clinic for egg donation in the Czech Republic, we are able to find your ideal donor immediately. 

Do I get any detailed information about the egg donor?

The anonymity of reproductive cell donors is required by Czech legislation (Act No. 373/2011 Coll. on specific medical services). Since 2010 donors are protected through provision of only limited information about them - their year of birth, blood group, eye and hair colour, body height and weight. Other detailed information about male and female donors will not be provided to the patients.  

Method of searching for egg donors

Since 2006 our clinic includes a specialised team focusing on donation programme. The method of selecting donors is highly sophisticated.

The selection of egg donors meets the requirements of Act No 296/2008 Coll. and Regulation No 422/2008 Coll., as well as Act No 373/2011 Coll. These laws constitute the common European Tissue Directive No 2004/23/EC and adherence to the regulations thereof in the Czech Republic is supervised by the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL).

Since 2006 more than six thousand voluntary egg donors came to our clinic.

Over 1,500 women come to donate eggs every year. However, approximately 40 % of them are refused during the process of examination.

The system for selecting the right donor consists of several process steps:

  1. Initial information interview and filling of questionnaires (medical condition, education, interests, family medical history).
  2. Drug abuse examination.
  3. Blood sampling to test for infections, genetics and indicators of ovarian reserve.
  4. Consultation genetics.
  5. Consultation with our physician and gynaecological examination.
  6. Evaluation of test results and assessment of aptitude for donation.
  7. Plan of the term for donation and explanation of stimulation, synchronisation and matching (of suitable donor with the recipient). 
  8. Stimulation process and egg retrieval:
  • instruction and application of  stimulating injections and plan of stimulation,
  • monitoring during the stimulation,
  • egg retrieval,
  • compensation,
  • check-up e-mail after end of stimulation.
From initial interview   to the donation the entire process takes 2-3 months.

List of performed genetic tests:

  • karyotype (46 XX)
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • cystic fibrosis
  • deafness

Further tests if required by the recipients, are not included in the price of treatment and must be paid separately (e.g., Tay-Sachs, FRAX and other tests).

We do believe that you will be satisfied with our care and attitude.

MUDr. Štěpán Machač, PhD. 
Expert Guarantor of the Donor Programme


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