We are highly successful in the treatment with donated oocytes thanks to our long experience. We have a large inhouse database of donors and a cryo bank.

Family Completion Program

After eight years of experience in treatment with donated eggs, we still increasingly receive requests from our patients to undergo some further treatment using the eggs of the same donor from whom they already have a child. 

The reality is that with the passage of two or more years from treatment when the patients are considering further treatment, more than 50% of donors show no further interest in donating. For this reason we have introduced the possibility of keeping the eggs or sperm of a selected donor for possible further treatment. 

Preservation of donor eggs for possible further treatment

Our unique family completion program brings about the opportunity for family planning and preservation of eggs of a selected donor for possible future treatment.

Preservation of donor´s sperm for possible second cycle

As in the case of donated eggs, we also offer an opportunity for family planning and use of a selected donor sperm for possible further treatment. If any further treatment in the future is required, please consult it in advance. Donated sperm is rare biological material and sperm from the same donor can´t always be guaranteed.

We do believe that you will be satisfied with our care and attitude.

MUDr. Štěpán Machač, PhD.
Expert Guarantor of the Donor Programme


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