REPROFIT manages to help most couples visiting us to the parenthood that they so much desire. We use modern methods including treatment by donated oocytes.

Artificial Fertilisation

Artificial fertilisation (also called assisted reproduction) is the term of treatment procedures and methods used to treat infertility by handling with the germ cells or embryos.

Thanks to significant technological development in the infertility treatment, the present reproductive medicine offers a wide range of artificial fertilisation methods, such as ovarian stimulation and planned intercourse, IUI (Intrauterine insemination), IVF (In Vitro fertilisation), native - natural IVF cycle, minimum IVF stimulation, treatment with donor eggs, frozen embryotransfer of own or donor's embryos.

Our website offers you information about all modern methods and procedures of artificial fertilisation.

Statutory limits and restrictions for artificial fertilisation in the Czech Republic

  • The woman’s age on the embryotransfer date must not exceed 48 years + 364 days.
  • Artificial fertilisation can be conducted with an infertile couple, not with an individual.
  • The infertile couple must be of different genders.
  • Artificial fertilisation cannot be used for gender selection.


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