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Surrogate motherhood

In some indicated cases infertility treatment is performed using surrogate mothers. It is always exclusively the decision of a doctor specializing in this field whether there is a need to use a surrogate mother.

General information

  • There has to be a clear and explicit reason to use a surrogate mother (please see below for surrogacy indication)

  • The number of embryos transferred to the surrogate mother uterus is restricted to only one embryo. Multiple pregnancy is avoided so as to minimize the potential risks to the surrogate mother

  • Our clinic is only responsible for the treatment itself; we do not look for surrogate mothers, nor enter into the relations between the genetic parents and the surrogate in any way

We do not charge for surrogate motherhood. It is a standard embryo transfer and the price for treatment is the same as in cases when the embryo recipient is a woman from an infertile couple.

Surrogate motherhood indication

  • Congenital or acquired absence of uterus
  • Damage to uterine cavity - Ashermann syndrome, atrophic endometrium after repeated failed stimulation by estrogens, improperly healed uterus after an operation - for example, conditions following large enucleations of myoma, uterus with multiple myoma deforming the uterine cavity and conditions after repeated Caesarian sections with an improperly healed scar on the uterus

  • Repeated abortions where the genetic cause to the abortions has been excluded and where hematologic and immunologic therapies have had no effect (LWMH, intralipids, immunomodulation treatment)

  • Life-threatening complications in the previous pregnancy where there is a risk of reoccurrence in the following pregnancy - e.g. early heavy preeclampsy and eclampsy, HELLP trombosis + embolisation of lungs 

  • Indication from other fields of medicine - internal indication, neurological indication etc. - the opinion of an expert specializing in the given field of medicine will always be required

  • Repeatedly failed implantation - will be evaluated individually by a board of our clinic physicians 

Procedure of surrogacy

The couples which are indicated for artificial fertilisation using a surrogate mother are advised to proceed as follows:

  1. Contact a surrogate mother and agree on the preliminary conditions of your future co-operation.

    Our clinic only performs the treatment itself; we do not look for surrogate mothers nor enter into the relations between the genetic parents and their surrogate mother.

  2. Accompany the surrogate mother to the first consultation at which our doctor will judge whether she is eligible for surrogacy, i.e.:

    - She has her own child / children
    - She had no complications during her pregnancy and/or delivery
    - If she has given birth to her child in a Caesarian delivery, it is restricted to a single case and the reason for the Caesarian is unlikely to repeat in further pregnancies
    - She is generally in good health. There are no contraindications to pregnancy, however relative
    It is recommended to carry out some basic examination and tests – for toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and thyroid gland examination.
  3. If the surrogate is suitable, the next step is to consult and discuss all legal issues related to surrogacy with a lawyer and make sure all of you understand the legal background of your decision.

    No treatment will be initiated unless a legal analysis has taken place.

    From the legal point of view, it is advisable to look for a surrogate mother who is single or divorced with a completed protection period (otherwise the legal proceedings following the delivery are very likely to be more complicated; nevertheless, the alternative is possible as well).


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