Examination of the immune system of both partners should be included in the care of couples with fertility problems. It is believed that approximately 10% of all sterility cases have immunologic causes. Disorders can occur both in the so-called humoral (antibody) and cellular immunity. Fertility of the couple may be affected by diseases such as celiac disease, disorder of the thyroid gland, antiphospholipid syndrome, previous chronic inflammatory diseases and the like. These diseases can occur in secrecy without apparent difficulties. Yet they start an inflammatory response in the body and thus disturb the balance of immune mechanisms in the body. Pregnancy needs to induce immunological tolerance since inflammation affects it. The consequence is that women are unable to conceive, whereas men fail to form sperm in sufficient quantity and quality.

The aim of immunological tests is to diagnose the cause of imbalance, treat the cause accordingly and restore the balance. Without sufficiently long and immunologically targeted treatment there are repeated failures of IVF treatment, the partners come under stress and their health continues to deteriorate.


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