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GERI time-lapse incubator

The Geri time-lapse incubator is a modern incubator enabling continuous monitoring of embryo development. We are one of few IVF centres in the Czech Republic to cultivate embryos in humid incubators – each time getting a little closer to optimal conditions.

How are your embryos doing when you’re asleep?

Using the Geri incubator with its high-resolution camera, we can monitor each embryo’s development continuously, without having to remove them from the optimally set conditions in the incubator. Installed cameras pick up the dynamic embryo development process. This results in a record that helps the embryologist select the fittest embryo for transfer and freezing.

What does cultivation involve?

Immediately after fertilization, embryos are placed in a special culture dish, where up to 16 embryos from one patient couple can be cultivated. The dish is subsequently inserted into one of the six culture chambers of the Geri incubator. Each chamber is fitted with sensors to monitor optimal culture conditions (temperature, CO2 and humidity).

Who is the method intended for? (Who benefits most from this method?)

This method is for all patients wishing to have their embryos cultivated in an above-standard incubator that ensures uninterrupted monitoring of embryo development and provides a general overview of the development dynamics.

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MUDr. Marek Koudelka 
IVF Specialist


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