To date our care has been sought by more than 20,000 couples from 90 countries around the world. We have performed the highest number of assisted reproduction interventions of all in the Czech Republic.

Our Team - Physicians

We have managed to form a professional team of experts in medical, laboratory and administrative positions. From the first opening of our door to the last handshake with your coordinator you can be sure you will receive the best possible care.

Pavel Otevřel IVF Specialist
Marek Koudelka IVF Specialist
Hana Pospíšilová IVF Specialist
Michael Kozumplík IVF Specialist
Andrea Straková IVF Specialist
Kamil Frank IVF Specialist
Tomáš Bagócsi IVF Specialist
Jan Štelcl IVF Specialist
Monika Bečvářová IVF Specialist
Marcela Pastorčáková IVF Specialist
Patrícia Nižníková IVF Specialist
Irina Tokareva IVF Specialist
Renáta Simonato Krajčovičová IVF Specialist
Věra Hořínová Geneticist
Jakub Trizuljak Geneticist
Denisa Doubková Gynecologist, Geneticist
Kristýna Jordánová Gynecologist
Eva Filipinská Gynecologist
Martina Novotná Gynecologist, Reproductive endocrinologist
Jana Kalvodová Gynecologist
Monika Trundová Gynecologist

IVF coordinators

Eva Kopečná IVF Co-ordinator
Světlana Mejtilová IVF Co-ordinator
Eva Hlavoňová IVF Co-ordinator
Tina Holčáková IVF Co-ordinator
Bohdana Štefáčková IVF Co-ordinator
Michaela Brychtová IVF Co-ordinator
Kamila Kouřilová IVF Co-ordinator
Monika Mandersová IVF Co-ordinator
Mónika Soós IVF Co-ordinator
Emese Komjáthy Váczy IVF Co-ordinator
Szabina Gögh IVF Co-ordinator
Andrea Gál IVF Co-ordinator
Henrietta Bakk IVF Co-ordinator
Barbora Fikarová IVF Co-ordinator
Cristina Capra IVF Co-ordinator
Renata Bartoš IVF Co-ordinator
Efrat Barlev IVF Co-ordinator
Petra Michalčáková Donor Care Specialist


Soňa Kloudová Head of laboratories
Vít Hubinka Quality and Development Manager
Lenka Slivková Embryologist
Petra Aliwiová Embryologist
Alice Malenovská Embryologist
Markéta Slavíková Embryologist
Martina Dostálová Embryologist
Tereza Klenková Embryologist
Drahomíra Kyjovská Embryology lab technician
Eva Grycová Embryologist
Petra Zichová Medical Laboratory Technician
Lenka Soukal Libichová Embryologist
Naďa Hrůzová Embryologist
Barbora Maierová Embryology lab technician


Soňa Kloudová Head of laboratories
Vít Hubinka Quality and Development Manager
Monika Kunetková Andrologist
Hana Pololáníková Andrology Laboratory Technician
Michaela Dyčková Andrologist
Zdenka Kaňová Andrology Laboratory Technician
Veronika Šlesinger Laboratory assistant
Gabriela Nejezchlebová Andrologist
Simona Kokešová Andrology Laboratory Technician
Zuzana Kačmárová Andrology Laboratory Technician
Marie Fedrová Andrology Laboratory Technician


Eva Čápová IVF Ward Nurse
Lenka Ondráčková IVF Ward Nurse
Radmila Balíková Gynaecology Ward Nurse
Eva Abrahámová Nurse
Ilona Hrubá Nurse
Alexandra Slavíková Nurse
Jaromíra Hynčicová Nurse
Irena Jančíková Nurse
Kristína Ingrová Nurse
Renata Kalvodová Nurse
Veronika Plachá Nurse
Tereza Lehnerová Nurse
Blanka Motalová Nurse
Lenka Müllerová Nurse
Hana Obrovská Nurse
Jana Plutinská Nurse
Jana Křižanová Nurse
Barbora Švábová Nurse
Ivana Paseková Nurse
Lucie Handlová Nurse
Kateřina Sokolová Nurse
Dominika Danková Nurse
Petra Bendová Nurse
Natálie Verešová Nurse
Kristýna Marvanová Nurse
Andrea Vybíralová Nurse Assistant


Veronika Pešelová Receptionist
Adéla Blažková Receptionist
Tereza Zítková Receptionist
Adéla Bednářová Receptionist
Ivana Tesařová Receptionist
Šárka Kachlíková Receptionist
Kateřina Jenešová Receptionist
Alena Ziková Receptionist


We are known in 90 countries of the world.

REPROFIT is one of the top European clinics of reproduction medicine. We always emphasize the quality of care and your comfort. Our best reward are messages from satisfied parents from all over the world.

We speak 8 languages. We will take you through the whole therapeutic cycle. We will settle the necessary administrative aspects with you. We will recommend you accommodation if you wish so. We will always be close to you and helpful.